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my devotions..

Post  samuelchung on Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:39 am

hey guys,
sorry i have not posted on here for sometime, i keep accountable with the teachers, but i figure i should post my stuff here to make sure you guys know i'm doing my thing, so here are my devotions for the last two days...
hey guys!
how you doing, sorry i missed yesterday, so here they are!

what i read: 1 Chronicles 29 (the last chapter in Chronicles!)
what i learned: This is kind of the winding down of David's career to his death and the start of a new one through his son Solomon. I like how the end of David's life is focused so much on the temple and the worship of God, right to the end, David's concern was for the people to have their hearts turn to God, and i'm thinking have the same type of revelation that he himself had after he had committed his adultery and his wrong call on the census. He also gives so much of his wealth to the temple and urges the leaders to do the same. There is somethign awesome that happens here. Since DAvid gave so much of his wealth, he asks the people who else will give, and the ones who step up first are the leaders under DAvid, they follow the lead of David, and it states in verse 6, they gave willingly. as if to say their hearts were for the sake of the kingdom. They end this book on a happy note, knowing there is going to be turmoil when 2 Chronicles starts, but this book ends with the life of David and the people giving willingly.
what i am going to do: well, it just goes to show me that what i do as a leader can drastically impact the people who i lead. the things that i may do, people will follow, and the things that i do can drastically change the lives of those who follow, just by my actions. i guess actions do speak louder than words, thus i am going to be more conscious about my actions.

what i read: 2 Chronicles 1
what i learned: it is nice to see how the story of Solomon starts well, and maybe it is because the life of David ended with celebration and giving towards the temple, that Solomon starts out his rule in good fashion. it is funny how he starts with the people in mind when he starts his reign. when he asks for wisdom, he asks for the purpose of leading God's people. i find early in his life he has great wisdom, and it is displayed in his actions, but later as he continues to live as king and get comfortable, he starts to live for himself, and it seems as if the wisdom he first had went out the window because of his own selfish desires and that is when the kingdom starts to fall apart. alas, i am not there yet, and so it is good to see that Solomon at least has a good start!
what i am going to do: i am going to remember to continue to run the race, and to run with perseverence for the Lord and not for myself, and when things get comfortable, that i should pray more and push more for the goal.


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