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Post  Billy Kim on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:12 am

To be honest, I fell asleep and woke up after church and it feels like Sunday was 2 days ago. So I can't really remember what the rabbi talked about... Lemme try my best.

Well the leprosy story, I guess one thing that I got from Sunday was being humble, something I def lack. The centurion went to Jesus and begged for Jesus to heal him. I guess we can't really sense the humility of the Centurion because society back then was completely different. But I guess this chapter still sends a message. I remember when we used to do street missions (which we should definitely do) helping out the poor was such an humbling experience and it felt good but when I actually go downtown and see the homeless people, I don't really help them out for some reason. One thing that we should take into consideration is not shadowing out humility and kindness and let it shine. We're not losing anything if we help out the poor except for a pocket change and that pocket change for us which practically means nothing can mean something that could save their lives...

That's it and guys, lets step up and do our devos
Billy Kim
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Post  James on Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:53 am

The Roman centurion went up to Jesus and begged for him to heal his servant. Rather than killing Him on the spot, he really proved his faith in his enemy. This reminds me of Mary being completely faithful to her Son, and definitely reminds me to sharpen my own faith.

Like how Dan said on Saturday, you can't change the past, so why cant we leave things behind in 2011 and increase that faith with our Saviour?

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