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2012 feb 12

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2012 feb 12

Post  jaake kwon on Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:32 pm

ok. so today's sermon got all messed up in my head when Sang started talking about Jeremy Lin's testimony -.-

so its gonna be rough
todays sermon was on niccedeamus(i just guessed thats how i spell it), and how that small doubt of the Pharisees allowed him to accept Jesus.
in the passage, Jesus literally verbally rejected him, but nick(ill just call him that to avoid spelling issues) kept on asking him "why is 'this' 'this'" and so forth.
I think Jesus was testing nick for his persistence but he was doing the thing he did to simon peter.
Where Peter got denied three times for his three denials, Jesus denied Nick as long as he hid from his fellows about what was going on.
At the end of the sermon I think the message was just to have a good judgement on stuff. o-o
it was really a vague story.
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