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July the 7th

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July the 7th

Post  jaake kwon on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:33 am

Today's sermon was pretty dope; and I like how we were talking about temptation and doubts.

It's an everlasting issue for all christians to be consistent in their faith; and I think today's sermon kinda addressed that having the doubts will always be unavoidable; but we can easily overcome them by handling the issues the right way. On the topic of handling a struggle in faith; I think this sort of relates to how we as a team member handle our problems. Especially coming down to the topic of breaks. We should really talk to each other for advice; because if a person isn't suited to handling issues with breaks; then it might even worsen their situation. Same goes for the opposite case.

In terms of how I think; we should have more faith within each other; because in times when you're doubting God, I think it's our duty to help each other to heal each others' faith. It's a really important sermon that could be applicable to our team because of our high stake/high stress roles in the ministry: I'm really interested on hearing your guys' thoughts.
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