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Self Devo Oct 22

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Self Devo Oct 22 Empty Self Devo Oct 22

Post  Cathy on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:00 am

Lalala skipped hist and english! (For very legitimate reasons, I swear)
So im getting an early start on devos today..
Today I read from Jeremiah 1: The chapter is called 'The Calling of Jeremiah'. We already know that it's gonna be epic..
God calls jeremiah and says
5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew [a] you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
Remember when God called Samuel saying 'SAMUEL SAMUEL" and he replied, here i am? Well God just went right into it for Jeremiah, didn't he.. God says that he knew Jeremiah even BEFORE he was in the womb, that he set him apart and appointed him to be a prophet. Wow. We may think that our mothers were the first ones to know us and love us, but NO! It was all God Smile
It really makes me light up inside knowing that God and I have been friends even before I was conceived, that he gave me a specific purpose in life.. I know sometimes we might read passages like this and think 'oh but im not a prophet. God didn't literally speak to me or anything..' But nevertheless, the same thing applies to every single one of us. None of us were accidents God planned for us since the beginning of time. (yes, Isaac. it's true.. you were not an accident Razz) And we all do have those spiritual gifts - like prophesy, tongues that might sort of scare us.. We just need to ask God to reveal it to us - we need to continue to pray and ask exactly how God is calling us..
PS crazy prophesy story! My friend's mom prophesized 9/11 two days before it happened.. They were at church and my friend said her mom was praying and she totally went into her own world for a while.. After she was acting really strange and worried and stuff so when she asked her mom, she said that God showed her that something really bad was about to happen in the world.. She saw these two tall buildings and these two dots that crashed into them and then everything became black.. CRAZY EH?
haha have a goood day everyone!

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Self Devo Oct 22 Empty Re: Self Devo Oct 22

Post  Billy Kim on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:01 pm

Hey guys, Doing an early start too cuz i have Lots of studying to do and
i dunt want to stress things out tooo much... I might forget to do my devos
cuz of studying and i dunt want to forget them so i'm doing them now... HAHA
I read mark Chapter 9 today... It was when jesus took peter, james and john
to the mountains and when they met elijah and moses... They came back down and
jesus and the disiples met and dad who brought he's son that was demon possed... That's scary...
the disicples tried to make the demon leave but nothing worked but when jesus came,
the chiled fell down and had a seizure attack and started to foam.. the father asked
jesus IF he can do it, do anything he cane and jesus replied IF? there is no if, i Can do anything...
HAHA Jst like my last one... Through god, we can do anything!! It's weird when JESUS was
right there and people doubted... I remember Sam did a sermon about this about how there
will be no faith if we didn't have doubt and he told us if we had any doubts, text him and he
will answer us... HAHA...
But Verse 35 rele caught my eyes... Jesus says, if you want to be first in heaven, Be last...
Be a servent... HAHA man, that's a rele great message... You need to be a servent of god
to be first in heaven!! HAHA SICK!!
Billy Kim
Billy Kim

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