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Post  Cathy on Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:49 pm

hey allz
sorry i couldnt make it last night, i had a close friend's bdayy
But im so glad to hear that everything was swell Smile
PS there was a stabbing at dufferin and steels last night which is like. 10secs from my house.. and its like less than a week after the shooting on my street....
so please prayy for my area, theres like. a lotta stuff going on.

but anyhoo
JOHN 12:
Mary annoints Jesus' feet! Smile
Alright so Mary annoints Jesus' feet with really expensive perfume.. and Judas argues that she should have sold it and gave the money to help the poor.. And to be honest with you, thats what i think every time i read this passage, because it just seems like such a waste when you can be feeding many with it. But then as I read on scripture explains that Jesus appreciated this gesture because it was preparing him for his death, and that he does not have much time left amongst them. Which made me think about the little time that they had left with Jesus, and how I would act if there was only a couple of days to chill with our saviour.
And I totally understand.
And also, I think that Jesus really appreciated this gesture - Mary gave up the most expensive, and the most valued thing that she owned and offered it up to Jesus. It shows that Mary really had a heart of reverance and humbleness, that she was able to freely make that decision. Ithink that this is something that I need to learn how to do in my life - to be able to detatch myself from my money and offer the best up to Jesus, because I always have a bit of trouble with that cuase im kinda cheap. Also, this applies not only to our monetary wealth, but in the other gifts we offer up to him. Whenever we do something, let's give God the best that we can do Smile

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