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Post  Kevin on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:27 am

The most applicable thing I got from today's sermon was to stand down from our parents.
We all experience the phase I'm sure where we rebel a lot more than usual to our parents
When we feel like we're right and that our parents don't understand, it may be just us not having the maturity to understand why they say the things they say/do
But what I liked about what Dan joo pointed was, even if we're right, stand down anyways.
As hard as that is, especially for me i find, he's right. Pride is something we rid ourselves of and all in all, God tells us to respect our parents.
Respecting our parents isn't just speaking politely, or doing things for them, it's listening and honoring their decisions and input.
One of the major reasons I believe God made it so is to create humility in our lives, to the most immediate and closest people to us.
So that we may start off humble, born into this world from our parents, stay humble, as our parents guide and teach us.

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