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Sept, 25th, 2011

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Sept, 25th, 2011 Empty Sept, 25th, 2011

Post  Billy Kim on Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:40 am

We haven't been doing sunday reflections?? weird...

Anyways, I know it's gonna sound like it's half assed but literally the only thing I can say is that There's a time for everything. Times when we're gonna hit rock bottom and times where we're gonna be rising back up. Not gonna lie tho, I'm kinda sad that moses' leaving. He wasn't as bad as you guys thought, you guys just needed some time to get to know him personally. Well I guess it was his time to go.... He had a lot of Crap on his back from this church and also, he has to focus on his studies like all the other youth pastors in Ontario lol well I wish him the best of lucks...

Night yall
Billy Kim
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