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Post  Billy Kim on Mon May 17, 2010 3:03 am

Hey guys, well I see nobody did their devos again...
Well i'm going away for a week so i'm gonna miss you guys~ LOL

well today, when pastor moses spoke, this caught my attention the most...
Are we worshiping Worrship? or Are we worshiping god? I thought that was rele vital.
And i think as a praise team, we should focus on these things a lot... Cuz i realized, lots
of times, we stress over music SOO much that we forget that we are doing this for god.
Like last practice, I know it was my fault but we were just so caught up with music that
we got frustrated about it... I guess god wants our best and we should do our best for
the congregation but i'm just saying, as a praise team, we forget that God is WHY. Music
becomes our distraction and we worship as an idol... Once again, this is VITAL!!
Billy Kim
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