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John 18!!! Empty John 18!!!

Post  Roh on Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:09 am

A lot of things happening here...

Jesus is arrested --> Jesus is sent to Annas --> Jesus is sent to Caiaphas --> Jesus is sent to the Pilate.

This just shows how innocent Jesus was. Sent to three officials, of none who found Jesus guilty of a crime. How do I know that? Because if Jesus WAS guilty, they would've laid down the verdict on the spot. But each of those officials had no idea, and they just kept diverting the responsibility. And in this chapter, we also find Peter denying Jesus three times.

First, I want to share what I learned from Jesus when he was being tried. I just find it really noble that Jesus was so calm through it all and maintained the integrity and honor through it all. He was in human form at this time, and I'm SURE Jesus felt some sort of fear. With death imminent and physical abuse already an issue in play, Jesus must've felt the physical and psychological pain through it all. Yet, he stood tall against his enemies and stood for his beliefs. I'm sure that would've inspired some at the trials and convince them to love and follow Jesus. Jesus knew what he was doing until the end.

Peter must've been so angry at himself after he denied Jesus three times. We all are followers of Jesus and we probably think that we can stand up for Jesus and be his witnesses at all times. Easier said than done. It's hard to do that, because of so many reasons, and I want you to remember that it's okay. That doesn't make you a bad Christian or a hypocrite. But what you should do is to be a witness of Jesus in your life, not just what you say when people ask you direct questions about Jesus, so that those answers will mean little to nothing, even if you shy away from Jesus at those times.

dun dun dun...Friday tomorrow everyone Smile

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