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The message (John:15)

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The message (John:15)

Post  Steven.Hong on Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:24 pm

OMG guys
i popped my bone at the soccer tournament in the summer
and it still hurts im goin to the doctors to like popped it out and
place it on the right place
im so messed right now
it hurts sooo much pray for meeee Crying or Very sad
im dyinggg
anyways, I missed my sister(hannah lee)
you better come on friday or else
im goin to die and be heartbroken Surprised


Jesus has choose us. Because you can see how much
he loves us. He calls us friends that really surprised me
for example its like a george Bush calling you a friend
because he loves you that much..
What a Face
amazing ehh
From the book of John I learned soo much ways how Jesus is telling us that
he loves us soo much....

-Steven Hong lol!

my legggg
my legg
please heal meeeee Sad

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