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Post  Jess Kim on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:22 pm

Wow okay I really dont know whats happening with these bible devos but I did the first chapter yesterday so I guess it makes sense to do the second one today? Ugh so confused. Lately I've been feeling like crap and haven't done any devos. Its kind of hard to start again with these seemingly long and irrelevant stories about old kings and stuff. I pretty much thought reading this chapter wouldn't help me until the end. At the end of this chapter a king breaks Solomon's decree and he is killed. It seems that Solomon was carrying out God's work in this chapter. The way I saw it is that God's word is law and we should treat it like so. So often just because I know God is merciful and he forgives us- I tend to sin repeatedly and think: ah well, God will forgive me, it's fine. The truth is that we all deserve to die because we all have sinned. My point is that just because God has decided to forgive us of our sins doesnt give us license to sin even more and not care about his commandments anymore.

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