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Post  Grace on Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:28 am

HOW IS EVERYBODY!?!?!? Has it really been a year since I've been on here? Shocked
I just wanted to drop by say hi, and give a little update on my life here in Ottawa!

So from the moment I got to Ottawa, I guess God already had some big plans for me!
I'm still trying to figure out how things came to be and what's currently going on in my life... hahaha

So I started going to a church here called Mosaic Fellowship, and in ways, it's a lot like Milal! The people are so friendly, and I'm adjusting well.

It's only been...a month and a half? And God has called me to serve on their praise team!

It made me think back to when I had the priviledge to serve with you guys.
It's so different not having that physical barrier to church anymore!
When God first started calling me to serve, I hesitant to His calling.
I don't know what it was but I got scared when people started pushing me to join... It's odd because I never said I wanted to join or anything, honestly it wasn't even in my mind...But God kept pushing me to join through everyone around me, and I was just being so stubborn, making excuses like "BUT I JUST GOT HERE", "BUT YOU GUYS DONT EVEN NEED ANOTHER VOCALIST..."

Then it reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11, where God tells us to trust him because he has big plans for us, one's that are better than any option we could choose ourselves.
A lot of my spiritual growth happened with I was on the Milal Praise team. Even though I couldn't always serve on the team every week, you guys really guided me through and helped me on my spiritual journey.
I learned so much from each and every one of you.
I haven't even been noticing the growth until recently, but musically, spiritually, and just personality wise, I've really changed a lot, and I want to say that it's for the better!

But aside from praise team news, the main thing is that I feel like I'm finally getting on track with God.
This past year has been a rough one. I felt like I was frozen in place, and distant from God. And as a result of that, I felt lonely and bitter. I think I was finally able to pour my heart out to God at the summer retreat... Yeah remember me crying like no tomorrow? That's why. It was the first time in almost a year that I was finally able to focus on God and God alone. Everything I just kept inside to myself, I was able to lay it all down in front of him. Coming to Ottawa, I was scared that I would become distant from Him again...but quite the opposite happened. I found amazing brothers and sisters in Christ to support me, and I feel God's presence around me stronger than ever! He is constantly reminding me everyday that HE loves me, and that His love is really enough for me Very Happy
I am feeling so much better, spiritually, I feel like I am growing again and that my heart is being healed every day Smile

Thanks guys for being a part of my spiritual journey.
I miss all of you like crazy!!!

Remember: Stay humble, focus on God and praise Him with all of your heart! Not because you have to but because we WANT to and we GET to!

Love each other, keep Christ as your foundation, and grow as one body Smile
Support each other and encourage each other to grow.

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