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Post  Billy Kim on Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:09 am

Hey guys, I just came to the realization that we haven't done Sunday devo's for a while so let's continue...

But I have to say that the thing that pop'd out me the most today was that When
Dan said when it comes to boxing day, We're the same as normal people. At first I was
thinking "No Duh" but The more I thought about it, I was thinking to myself, as a Christian
of course we are all human but that doesn't mean we should act like everybody else in the
world. We need to learn how to be more humble and not to get blinded during christmas.
We need to acknowledge that Christmas is a day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus
not to get crazy about our present and the day after Christmas that comes forth.

That's it. and yea, have a safe boxing day...
Billy Kim
Billy Kim

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Chritmas Empty Re: Chritmas

Post  Kevin on Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:32 am


Why is it that we lose focus of the important things like the birth of Jesus??
Because the world has so much to offer up that we'd much rather enjoy than the teachings of religion.
I like how Dan said that only God should satisfy us, nothing else.
The song we sang today, All for love, the chorus went "Everything I need is you"
Even with amazing distractions such as christmas presents and WHATNOT.

Peace out

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